• Steel Wire Rope

      Reliable to the core

      At LKS, we stand behind our wire rope.Our production systems and all our products meet the highest quality ISO 9001:2008.
    • Crane Wire Rope


      Customer service goes beyond ensuring timely delivery and service around the world. At Ropers, with our strong R&D team, we keep on developing and improving our products
    • Wire Rope Sling

      Customer First

      At LKS,we care for our customer.We provide a dedicated and a flexible service to provide them the best product.
    • Stainless Steel Wire Rope

      Affordable Pricing Policy

      LKS insist on controlling material by our advanced stock system,cost-effective is always our advantage.
    news What's the use of these long cable-stayed wire ropes on airplanes?
    Cases Transportation equipment: CRRC Ziyang Locomotive Co., Ltd. selects steel wire rope for train traction


    It is the goal of LKS Wire Rope to provide manufactured rigging products and hardware which are competitively priced and delivered on time with zero defects at quality and service levels that are consistent with the expectations of our customers. We fully understand that to do so is good business. The success of LKS Wire Rope depends on our commitment to associate involvement, continual improvement, and improved business performance goals. LKS has the rich experience in manufacturing, designing, supplying Wire Rope, Wire Rope Sling, Wire Rope assemblies. We have the large diameter wire rope ...
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